One year of LeetCode, 1000+ Commits: Lessons Learnt

Competitive programming is fun, rewarding and awesome. It helps you to become a better programmer, writing efficient software, and much more. Additionally, it is asked (depending on role) heavily in job interviews at most of the IT companies. [Read More]

Better Python Debugging With IPDB

I have been using Python extensively for past few months in my projects and like any other programming project I spend most of my time debugging and optimizing my code. Initially, I had been using print statements to understand my code flow, rectify bugs, profiling my code and other tasks... [Read More]

Concurrency & Parallelism : Debunked !

I’ll discuss the differences between the two terms, how these two are related, and what they are and what they are not. Check out my old blog Concurrency & Parallelism : Debunked !